How to select the coat? This is the most frequently asked question and although there are a few rules to follow, the most important is one – we have to feel good in a coat.

A well-chosen coat should emphasize the values ​​of our figure, while concealing imperfections. Outerwear will hide the lack of a waist, more massive thighs or arms. Some cuts will optically eliminate the difference between the upper and lower body parts. Others will make us taller, lighter. However, even when the cut of the coat does not perfectly fit your figure, but you love it – it is the best choice. In my opinion, this is the most important criterion for choosing a coat. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to tell by looking at photos on the Internet and deciding to buy. Hence, below I will try to describe the most important rules, thanks to which it will be easier to choose a coat to your figure. By the way, I hope to debunk a few myths.